An engineer who daily works as a shot-firer in different parts of Russia doing a dangerous and severe job of demolishing mountains in order to build tunnels and underground systems but who every night comes back to the job he is heart-bound to do and that will never let him free, plunging into the world of photography and devoting all his free from detonating time to it.

Anton lives in Moscow, but originally comes from Khakassia - the adobe of cold and the motherland of shamans. A few times a year he leaves Moscow to undertake a dangerous and severe job as a shot-fier and a crew captain who builds tunnels and underground railway systems in different parts of Russia, from burning South to freezing North.

The common idea ties him with his most outstanding and talented friends from different parts of Russia and former Soviet Union Republics, who are finding their ways in constantly absorbing the reality and converting it into a current ready-made creative media product.
They share and pursue one goal - to leave behind a lot of worthwhile and not to lose the genuine meaning which they imbed in their work capturing the spirit of days, the essence of times and epochs, which they believe is the main mission of a artist.

(c) 2012

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